Vision and Robotics

Apply the latest Vision and Robotics technology to solve your manufacturing challenges

Engineering Specialists can help you apply the latest vison and robotics technology to help solve your manufacturing challenges. Vision automation can include cameras, sensors, 3D scanning, software, vision-guided robots and more. Whether you are looking to locate, measure, trace…we can help you automate your processes.

How Engineering Specialists can help automate your vision and robotic challenges

As a certified systems integrator, we work with you and your team to manage the automation project together from beginning to end. We integrate the solution into your existing equipment and operations and continue to provide support, long after the project is complete. We specialize in integrating assembly, inspection, testing, material handling and vision automation solutions into your production processes.

Below are examples of recent vision and robotics projects.

vision and robotics for assembly

Robotic Assembly

vision and robotics inspection

Robotic Inspection

vision and robotics product identification validation

Product Identification and Validation

collaborative vision-guided robotics (VGR)

Collaborative Vision-Guided Robotics (VGR)

vision and robotics flexible feeding inspection

Flexible Feeding and Inspection

vison and robotics end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT)

End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Advantages of Vision and Robotics Automation

Optimize productivity

Reduce repetitive & tedious tasks

Increase flexibility

Optimize floor space

Increase product quality

Reduce exposure to hazardous operations

Increase efficiency and speed

Reduce material waste

Address workforce shortages

Reduce operational costs

Increase throughput

Take advantage of our expertise and take your business to the next level.

automation robotics overview image

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