As a Wisconsin-based company, we’re extremely committed to the Water and Wastewater Industries that are critical to maintaining high quality drinking water which in turns creates a strong state economy. Our team possesses the experience and knowledge of equipment specific to the water and wastewater industry. We understand the automation challenges the industry faces today. But more importantly, our engineers are skilled at developing solutions to increase throughput, simplification of compliance reporting and potentially reduce energy costs. We develop comprehensive solutions from sourcing equipment to process control, and everything in between.

The control systems integrated on these projects utilized various major control system platforms, including PLCs, PCs, Drives, and HMIs. Engineering Specialists also utilized custom applications and PC-based SCADA systems for supervision and data acquisition. In most cases, Engineering Specialists was responsible for the design, assembly, certification (if needed), programming, installation, and start-up of these control systems.


  • Complete Wastewater Plant Automation
  • UF Membrane Filtration Systems
  • CIP Systems
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Advanced Alarming

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