Leading paper converter

A leading paper converter was operating an aging sheeting line. The system is a critical component to the through-put of the plant operating in a 24/5 environment. The existing Siemens controls were obsolete, and consequently, could only be sourced on the online secondary market in the event of a failure. Unplanned down time for a controls-related occurrence could take months to correct creating vast amounts of lost production, missed deadlines and unhappy customers.


• Defective Product
• Lost Revenue
• Customer Dissatisfaction
• Quality


Engineering Specialists were tasked with the following objectives:

• Eliminate extended downtime
• Increase profitability
• Improve maintainability
• Improve safety
• Decrease training learning curve


After years of operating on the verge of potential catastrophe, the customer elected to conduct a drive controls upgrade bringing modern technology to an otherwise aging asset. Upgrades included nearly a dozen HMI’s, AC motors in favor of DC, and an improved GuardLogix PLC bringing operator safety to the forefront. The lead time for the entire project approximated 10 months. This included: procurement, engineering, assembly and installation setting up plant operations for long term success. One week prior to field wiring the customer had a failure for the soon-to-be-replaced components. In a panic, plant staff was able to source a used part on Ebay cementing the decision to proactively eliminate the potential risk.


• Production is constant
• Spare parts are easily sourced
• Downtime significantly decreased
• Profitability significantly improved
• Installation is on time